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Duke London: 


"When I was about six years old, our family TV quit working. To our horror, our mother refused to have it repaired and insisted that we go instead to the new library in our neighborhood and bring books home to read. In that way we were made to see our wonderful world through the pages of books.


This experience was expanded when the library offered headsets to hear books that were recorded. It was by listening that I first "read" the story of BAMBI--something I'll never forget!


To this day I'm convinced that forming the mental pictures that reading and listening required of my imagination back then, contributed greatly to the creativity I now enjoy!"


The Story

A young man, Lee, wakes very early one morning and heads for a special room in his home where he finds his favorite animal-friend, Jimbo the Koala.  On this cold, snowy morning Lee and Jimbo share the exciting adventures of

Britly, the Arctic Fox.

 Britly follows a polar bear hoping to eat its leftovers.  But when he is suddenly face to face with that polar bear something unexpected happens.  Later he discovers a very special bird, encounters a human for the first time in his life, takes part in a rescue led by man's best friend, and even finds himself under attack by wolves—and those are just a few of his adventures.

 Britly’s story is one of unusual friendships made, and the value of being willing to give to others.  This heartwarming story for all ages has suspense, humor and emotion.   

















Duke London