Duke London BIO




Duke was enrolled by his mother in a school for public speakers before his teen years.  He went on to become an award-winning orator in High School.  He became a speech and song writer at an early age.  He was later invited to write songs for Walt Disney Records.  Some of the songs he wrote became part of the material used in his motivational speech/presentation entitled: “8 Steps to Student Success!” an Interactive, Educational, Multicultural, Motivational, Musical presentation benefiting thousands of children in schools throughout California.  Once called "a motivational speech with a twist", the "8-Step" speech has been consistently praised by Principals, Educators, Parents and Students.  Partly due to this motivational speech, Duke has been featured on NBC and other news programs.


During the "8 Steps to Student Success!" speech, students are helped to see the value of Stimulating their Imaginations through reading skills.  They are encouraged to Focus on Goals, to Follow good Direction, to Study and Get Along with Others.  Even how to Handle Disappointments common to every kid's life are addressed in this 55 minute program.  Also during the presentation students enjoy the experience of seeing their teachers in a brand new light, improving the teacher-student relationship.