Comments about the eBook

Captivating Adventure

By Mattie Williams

Instantaneous attention grabber drawing you into the charactures and their amazing adventures. Well worth the time spent reading for young and older alike. Allows one to use his imagination and leaves you eager for the next episode. The concept of unity among differences can easily be recognized. I will recommend this book to others and I am anticipating the further adventures of Lee and Jimbo. Thanks for the breath of fresh air.


A Must Read!!!

By Aasia Newsome

Britly, the Arctic Fox is a creative masterpiece! My nine year old daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed the brilliant storyline as well as the amusing characters. I could read this story again & again....kudos to the author!


Takes you to a special place in your childhood,

By S. White

When your imagination made everything seem bigger and daring and exciting! I couldn't put it down even during dinner. I also have the cd and the songs are so much fun!


Very Good!

By Louis Kimber

The book is a very good book it is something that everyone can read take some time and read the book!



By Tom Edwards 

Thoroughly enjoyed the Arctic Fox story.  Your imagination and the ability to express it in words is priceless. I look at animals much differently now thanks to you giving them a voice with emotions.


Music from the CD "Duke and the Winter Animals"