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Here's more about Duke, the Author of our new book "Britly, The Arctic Fox"




MUSICIAN, COMPOSER and AUTHOR, Duke London was born in Los Angeles, California. He manifested remarkable musical ability at a very young age with several instruments including piano. Still very young, he was invited to write songs for a female artist and was featured along with her on the album released by Casablanca and Motown Records entitled:  Wright Brothers Flying Machine.

Later, he composed the song entitled "I’m A Child". When this and three other original songs made their way to the Walt Disney Company, Duke was invited to write songs for several developing Disney projects resulting in his music being recorded by Walt Disney Records.


Still more original songs became the material for “8 Steps to Student Success!” an Educational, Interactive, Musical presentation benefiting thousands of children in schools throughout California.


Other songs found a home on a television program “The Pet Place TV Show”, an Animal Adoption broadcast credited with saving the lives of thousand of animals over a period of more than 10 years:

1)  The award-winning closing theme "Take Me Home" for the Animal Adoption broadcast 

2)  The opening theme: "Even Animals Smile" for the same program. 

3)  Twelve original songs from the cd: “We’re A Family—Songs For Animals and You”.   (One of the songs,“The Moanin Dove” was nominated for the esteemed Genesee Award.)



Duke's music and voice have also been featured on award-winning floats in the annual Tournament of Roses Parades in Pasadena, California.


After several TV and Radio appearances,  he created the cd: “DUKE and the Winter ANIMALS”.  Some of the songs from this cd and others are included in the live shows which prominently feature his partner "Jimbo" (the Koala), who sings along with him to the delight of the "kids" of all ages (3 to 90 years old) in his audiences!



As AUTHOR, his newest project is the first book in the series based on and named after the cd: "DUKE and the Winter ANIMALS".  That first volume is: "Britly,The Arctic Fox" in ebook and audio versions.




Here are Duke and Jimbo on Eyewitness News, at Barnes and Noble and on other TV shows:



  Here's a little about the book:


   A young man named Lee wakes very early one morning and heads for The Special Room in his home where he finds his special friend, Jimbo the Koala.  On this cold, snowy, morning Lee tells Jimbo the exciting story of Britly, the Arctic Fox.  In this story, Britly is following a polar bear hoping to eat it's leftovers.  But when he is suddenly face to face with that polar bear something very unexpected happens.  Lee also tells Jimbo about Britly discovering a very special bird, about his encounter with a human for the first time in his life, and about his taking part in a rescue led by man's best friend. Britly also finds himself under attack by wolves—to name a few of his adventures.


   The story is about friendship and diversity, courage and fun.  It highlights the great value of being willing to give to others.  This heartwarming story for all ages encompasses suspense, laughter and even danger.  It's recommended for parents and kids to enjoy todugether.  This memorable story is entitled:

"Britly, the Arctic Fox"




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Music from the CD "Duke and the Winter Animals"